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NIMAY Engineering; a manufacturer that provides customized torquing accessories and hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment. Driven by bolting expertise of more than 2 decades, we have a good understanding of customer expectations when it comes to an accurate assessment of their requirements, and delivering quality within schedule.

Through our extensive experience in working closely with our customers, we have mastered excellence in design and technology for manufacturing precision components and accessories.

With our initiative of “MAKE IN INDIA”, Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit; supports sourcing the best materials and manufacturing a wide range of quality tools and components which caters for the highest quality products to international as well as domestic markets. Our PRIORITY IS TO SUPPORT YOUR MISSION TODAY & VISION FOR TOMORROW. Our bespoke services are focused on providing solutions to industries such as Oil & Gas, automobile, heavy engineering, railways, defence, power, aviation, shipbuilding and OEMs.

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