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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance is an integrated system of management and engineering. Standard Operating Procedures are available with well documented records for identification and traceability. We also maintain standards and specifications for raw material and finished goods.

Our design and manufacturing team works closely with the customers with the aim to resolve their pain points by providing the highest quality precision tooling systems and accessories designed and engineered by the experienced & brightest minds in the industry. We are driven towards delivering products as per international quality standards through our young and dynamic team guided by seasoned leaders.

Quality Control:

We are aware of the concepts of APQP / Design and process FMEA, QAP for production, inspection and outsourced activities, MSA, Controlled Monitoring of measuring instruments [MSA- Measure System Analysis], a robust in process control through control plan, product identification and traceability through batch codification, RCA tools like 3C, 5W and 8D. Cause & Effect analysis through Fish-bone diagram methods and are a fast learner to adapt to customer specific quality requirements.


We are associated with trusted suppliers for surface finishing processes such as blackening, phosphating, anodizing, powder coating, galvanization of alloy steel; and heat treatment processes such as hardening, tempering, case carbonizing, nitriding. Through comprehensive SLAs with our suppliers, these outsourced processes are subject to stringent measures for audit and evaluation. Supplier performance is assessed based on Quality & Delivery Rating, and the quality is controlled through PPAP and QAP. Raw Material is sourced from reliable sources, as per customer requirement and specifications. We can also do jobs for the material provided by the customer. The material finished through these outsourced processes are supplied with authentic test certificates.


    • Mitutoyo Height gauge 0-400mm
    • Dial bore gauge 10-150mm.
    • Digital Vernier 0-150mm & 0-300mm
    • Dial stand with dial
    • V Block
    • Bevell protector


Our manufacturing processes comply with the norms of safety standards. We also create safety awareness through trainings and workshops on safe work practices and emergency preparedness.

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